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The Bible is a book of journeys. It contains numerous journeys of God’s people: Abraham’s journey from Ur to Canaan, the children of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Israel, and Jesus’ journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem. But the Bible is also a guidebook for our own journey. Do you want to learn more about how your own personal journey through Scripture can be more effortless than ever?

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Hebrew is what we do
Israel Ins tute of Biblical Studies
Israel Ins tute of Biblical Studies
Hebrew is what we do best!

Did you ever wondered about the meaning of the word Amen? Or maybe why the nation of Israel is called Israel? And how does the name of Jesus prophesize his role as the Messiah? The most beautiful feature of the Hebrew language is that nothing happens accidently.

Every name, every sound and every story has an explanation and a special meaning. Find out how you can learn to discover the Biblical Hebrew meanings all by yourself!
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