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5 Interesting Facts of the Bible

The Bible is a book of mystery and intrigue. Many scholars and institutions have devoted thousands of hours and research to unearthing the Bibles biggest secrets, yet still there are many details sorrounding the Bible that continue to amaze us on a continual basis. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Bible:

Interesting facts of the Bible

1.The shortest verse in the bible is in the Book of John. John 11, verse 35: “Jesus wept”

2. The word Lucifer is never mentioned in the Bible. (Interesting)

3. The last word in Bible is Amen

4. The Bible never mentions the words, “Holy Trinity.”

The words Holy Trinity can not be found in the Bible

5. According to Guinness Book of Records in 1995, the Bible was the biggest selling book of all time, totaling up to 5 million books sold and distributed.

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